Grand Challenges Scholars Program

The National Academy of Engineering has outlined four primary areas and 14 Grand Challenges for Engineering in the 21st century. These challenges are designed to draw attention and action towards improving our quality of life. The Grand Challenge Scholars Program at George Fox University is structured to prepare students to address these significant societal issues. The program includes a course taken at both the start and end of the student's involvement. Initially, students develop a plan for their involvement, and later, they compile a portfolio highlighting their efforts in tackling one of the challenges. Throughout the program, there's an emphasis on critical thinking about the role of engineers and technology in contributing to a better world, guided by a commitment to serving God and humanity. 

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Area: Challenge:
Health Advance Health Informatics

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Curricular Component My Experience
Research Thermography
Interdisciplinary GCSP Course
Entrepreneurship Servant Engineering
Global Juniors Abroad
Service ENGR Ambassadors

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