Meet the Maker

I’m Brady, a student at George Fox University who loves to create. I have lived in Bend, Oregon my whole life and enjoy running, mountain biking, and rock climbing. After making myself a leather wallet in 2020, I decided to start North of Zion. I have enjoyed every step of the process.Image of Brady

Handcrafted Designs

Each item is handmade from start to finish. By hand cutting, stitching, and finishing, the durability and quality control are very high.

North of Zion switch cardholder wallet in aqua blue surrounded by leather working tools

Commitment to Quality 

Materials at North of Zion are sourced from around the world. I source leather from Italy, turkey, and the US, where tanneries focus on quality, not cutting costs. My thread is sourced from Japan, and is made to last a lifetime. Throughout the hand making process, I go through additional steps like conditioning and finishing with beeswax to subtly improve the quality.